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YGG Idea

Brand strategy, tone of voice and visual identity for Latvian’s leading Scandinavian houses manufacturer.

Year: 2016

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    YGG Idea


We were tasked with launching a classic scandinavian house production company. We knew that to compete with already established, and better funded competition, we needed something different. Supported by the latest digital technologies, creative ideas and with a well crafted strategy, we started branding this company from inception, which will be a brand new player on the market.

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
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YGG Idea


During a strategy process of brand development it became clear that the normal method of extensive search results wasn’t very good. All what existed on the market wasn’t very good and our main aim was to make a luxury, non-ordinary branding. Our user-centered research, strategy and analytics, led us to the concept of made-to-measure experience options, delivered within 7 working days.

YGG Idea

The first challenge for the designers was to develop a brand story, a narrative of how YGG Idea works, to form the foundation of the identity. The company’s design approach links standardization with customization, and the brand identity is inspired by foundational systems that are both unique and patterned, such as trees, forests and connection. To support this bold new approach we introduced a name and visual identity reflecting the company's specific DNA. YGG (Yggdrasil) is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology and means the tree of the world. The Yggdrasil Scandinavians recreated a whole universe.

YGG Idea

“The graphic elements use the visual language of our philosophy and wood as a starting point. We are 100% amazed with the work” - said Partner of YGG Idea.

YGG Idea
YGG Idea
YGG Idea
YGG Idea
Graphic elements embrace YGG Idea’s of contemporary, streamlined and sustainable approach, using the visual language of construction and building as a starting point. The typography balances simple functionality with elegance, combining the neutral fonts. A limited color palette of construction-oriented brown, white and gray appears in skewed shades that feel more modern.
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