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User Interface design for business service app

Year: 2020

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Improving quality of life isn't just a dream. For Sodexo it's a mission. They believe quality of life helps to keep people healthy, happy & motivated throughout life. Sodexo believes it helps organisations to be more efficient and productive. And as the world leader of over 100 services, they believe that quality of life is created when they integrate their Food services, Facilities management, employee benefits and more… But Sodexo goes even further. Doing good business in a good way is their driver and at the heart of their mission. Sodexo ambition is to positively impact one billion consumers worldwide. In view of a strategic oversight of new upcoming challenges based on Covid19, our team was requested by Sodexo leadership team to design a Mobile App & UI/UX Dev for the Business Services section of the company.

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Based on Sodexo’s mission to unite daily services with people - the project prototype had to be delivered in 2 months and vinille team was proud to be part of this project that changes the industry. The main goal was to design an app with a sharp, minimalistic design based on Swiss traits.


The vinille team created an imaginary app product matrix. The challenges around the UI/UX were how do we turn traditionally heavy user journeys, impacted by the number of regulatory requirements, into a more enjoyable process, matching the brand vision meaning “ very easy”. This project is a great example of how strong branding, smart micro-interactions and the right UX copy can influence the perception of the user and turn usually boring tasks (like identity checks and money transfers) into fun and engaging user flows. We were laser-focused on making each “red route” as quick, painless and intuitive as possible, which would ultimately result in quicker adoption and reaching the moment sooner in the user lifecycle.


“We were very happy with the results and how responsive the team was. Vinille was hired to develop a mobile app UI/UX design for a business services company. The team worked to create a concept and a plan that would meet the client's vision.” - said Regional Director of Sodexo Suisse.

The app’s visual profile is playful, appealing and direct. The type and color used differentiates the verticals and establishes each as its own individual brand style. The App has its own distinct flat design style in a different typeface.
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