Skrīveru Saldumi

Complex work with social networks


To present new information from the famous Latvian manufacturer of sweets and the well-known “Gotiņa” candies: special offers, new products and other news, to administrate pages in social networks, reviews monitoring, to maintain a positive image of the local factory, as well as to produce professional photoshoots of products, filming, prepare layouts of catalogues and other printed materials. To attract new customers.


Post “tasty” and attractive content on social network, administrate all social channels, collect and analyse reviews. Work with an audience-specific (targeted) advertising and opinion leaders. Update and/or make a new design and produce graphic materials, and perform photo shoots of products both inside and outside the studio.


In addition to administration and popularization of products on social networks, a corporate gift ordering option is popularized and maintained as well. Information from all client’s store managers, sellers and buyers is constantly structured and analysed. Feedback, recommendations and wishes from followers on social networks and visitors are actively gathered, maintained and analysed. Events and activities are promoted. Team meetings are held with the company representatives to discuss results and further activities. Product photo sessions are held monthly (more frequently if necessary).

Active presence of the company in social networks, has helped us to achieve the following results:

Total page reach during the campaign increased

The total number of interactions during the campaign increased

The growth rate of new “likes” on the pages increased

15 – 30
Publications on Facebook and Instagram (each monthly)

~ 300
Inbound message processing