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SeaFood d’Eden

Brand identity and packaging for seafood products line.

Year: 2021

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SeaFood d'Eden is the premier supplier of fine caviar, fresh fish, shellfish, and smoked seafood to home kitchens, restaurants and retail shops across the world. We love what we do. This is the kind of love and passion where success is never taken for granted, the kind of love and passion where you question yourself and your quality standards every day. In that time, SeaFood d'Eden has developed an international reputation for sourcing only the finest caviars. Rest assured when you buy caviar online from SeaFood d'Eden that you know where the caviar has been sourced, and that it is of pristine quality and freshness. Vinille created the visual identity of SeaFood d’Eden’s full product range, launched in Baltic States in 2021.

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SeaFood d’Eden has strong business marketing capabilities – to the extent that it has become the largest supplier of seafood products in Europe – however, changing consumer needs meant that it needed to develop its consumer marketing capabilities so as to thrive in this ever changing market. With vinille’s strategic thinking and creative expertise, SeaFood d’Eden needed to elevate these consumer-facing brands for its fresh produce in order to demonstrate to consumers the origin, safety and value of brand product and ultimately drive choice.

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Through a rigorous process of consumer research, market analysis and brand strategy, we helped SeaFood d’Eden establish the characteristics and advantages of their fresh seafood products to inform the evolution of these brands and enhance their ability to command a premium. Having developed a clear positioning for each product – relative to consumer needs and competitive dynamics – we explored the personality for each one as the platform for making a more emotional connection with consumers. Furthermore, we clarified the brand architecture to lead with the marine colors, fresh and minimalistic font, illustrations and patterns.

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“This update has transformed the mark to function as a linking device, connecting SeaFood d’Eden to its various product lines — Caviar d’Eden, Salmon d’Eden, Ikra d’Eden, Crab d’Eden, and more.” - said President of SeaFood d’Eden.

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The distinctive elegance of SeaFood d’Eden have now given these new consumer-facing brands a fresh vitality at every touchpoint, from farmgate to the shop floor, from packing to the point of sale.
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