Rezeknis Bryuvers

Advertisement of the beer


To draw attention to the new brand of beer and beer drinks “Rēzeknis Bryuvers”. To prepare and conduct the opening of the Beer Festival in Riga. Create a commercial for social networks and television in two languages.


Conduct a photo shoot of the entire product line of the customer, the materials from which will be used in the subsequent creation of visual material and an advertising video. Write a script and shoot a video in two languages for showing on television. To produce printed materials for the Beer Festival. Plan, organize and conduct the opening of the Beer Festival in Riga.


Our work has helped to achieve and even exceed the goals set by the client. The new brand “Rezeknis Bryuvers” gained popularity on the Latvian market and found its buyers. Particularly successful was the idea of a fictitious character – “the brewer from Rezekne” who was used to tell a story of the brewery itself. The video was voiced by a well-known voice, which attracted more attention and consumer confidence.

The opening ceremony of the beer festival “Latviabeerfest” in “Vērmanes dārzs” in Riga, was planned and performed. The ceremony, in the opinion of the organizers and visitors, was one of the most memorable in recent years.

In addition, we developed and produced printed products for participation in the “Riga Food 2019” exhibition – posters, flyers, stickers, etc.