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Qualita Centrale

Brand Identity and collaterals for the medical distribution firm.

Year: 2015

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    Qualita Centrale


Qualita Centrale asked vinille to create a new logo and visual identity for the brand. These major transformations came at perhaps the most consequential moment in the company’s history — at the rapidly growing time where the market of new medicine treatment grew.

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Qualita Centrale


Qualita Centrale is among one of the medical & pharma distribution companies in the Baltic States as well as one of the representatives of Kinesio taping (most recognizable brand across sports medicine). Over the course of the past decade, Qualita Centrale had undertaken an ambitious transformation. The company has narrowed its focus and rededicated itself to developing the next generation. As a result, they have reclaimed their role as the new company which is not only treating difficult diseases — they’re curing them and providing best solutions on the market. Vinille was assigned to create a new identity to reflect their evolution from a diversified enterprise to a more focused and innovative medical company.

Qualita Centrale

As we learned more about the transformation journey of the company, our conversations with Qualita Centrale scientists led us to a powerful unifying symbol bringing us to the DNA of the company. We brought Qualita Centrale’s new logo to life by unlocking the iconic “pill” shape. The logo now imparts a sense of ascending motion. The circle form inspires progress, change, and overturning old realities in search of tomorrow’s innovations by the color gradient. The unity of their interlocking forms reflects the company's passion and dedication to medicine and treatments.

Qualita Centrale

“Our new identity reflects the Qualita Centrale’s history and captures the innovative spirit and science focus alive in the company today.” - said Executive Vice President of Qualita Centrale.

Qualita Centrale
Qualita Centrale
Qualita Centrale
Qualita Centrale
Qualita Centrale’s new identity was designed to be digital first. An updated and modernized wordmark also expresses a sense of openness, energy, and refinement. We evolved the blue to a vibrant, two-tone palette signifying Qualita Centrale’s commitment to both science and patients. In an industry filled in blue, we're doubling down.
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