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ODIN Capital Group

Brand Identity for the real estate services provider from Toronto.

Year: 2021

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    ODIN Capital Group


Vinille has created the brand identity of ODIN Capital Group, the real estate services provider from Toronto, Canada. ODIN Capital Group is an agency specialising in property management & development in Toronto, Canada. Their board decided to hire us in order to review its market positioning, to provide clarity and create a refreshing image to its brand. The niche was a “corporate” audience and the goal was to create a new, practical, clear brand identity.

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ODIN Capital Group


The main task was to create an identity that is modern and corporate. Starting from a simple concept, consistent with their business values, we worked mainly on typography to illustrate the modernity and simplicity of real estate development. We naturally sought inspiration from the world of architecture, real estate, elements and colors based on the market where this company is located followed by patterns in a geometrical shape with a classical view . We completed the project with the full development of the all marketing and communication collaterals in coherence with brand strategy & identity.

ODIN Capital Group

After working through two strategic workshops, we nailed down the strategic vision of the board as well as the creative direction we needed to move forward. The naming process ended with the creation of ODIN (i.e. a God from Scandinavian mythology) Place where the founder was born & being the first, as a life position – i.e. to be number one on the market). Newly drawn by the designers for the identity, the ODIN Capital Group letterforms are bold yet narrow serif letters that look modern but still carry the heritage of the brand. The name was sharped to reflect the fact that many clients, investors and other stakeholders already refer to the company as ODIN, and the name is also more easily recognized and pronounced in languages worldwide. The name and symbol is also ideal for digital applications.

ODIN Capital Group

“ODIN Capital Group now is known as the ‘Big Player’ on the Toronto map and represents a truly company composed of multiple strands of expertise working in real estate and for that we are saying thanks for the collaboration and additional work by vinille agency,” - said Managing Partner of ODIN Capital Group.

ODIN Capital Group
ODIN Capital Group
ODIN Capital Group
This resulted in a successful highlight to their mission in real estate management within Toronto’s competitive market. Having the ambition to reach a new audience, the management worked closely with us on three main axes: their corporate message, visual identity and brand positioning. In addition to the logo, a simple and refined brand identity was produced by vinille with solid design guidelines and templates for the identity.
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