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Package design for a soft drink manufacturer from Germany.

Year: 2020

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Fritz-Kola company was founded in 2003, when two friends began their own production of soft drinks with an idea that it should not be harmful and stuffed with chemicals. From a student apartment in Hamburg, an unlikely duo with youthful confidence and a rebellious attitude decided to take on the global giants. Fritz-kola was born - with less sweetness, a hint of lemon, lots of caffeine and attitude in spades. No gimmicks or advertising wonderlands, just an honest product that tasted good from a brand with a message. The history and idea of production that have inspired us to define the Fritz-Kola packaging concept is the surrealism and neoclassicism style. We went beyond reality and tried to reflect what the product carries inside – an “unreal” taste with harmless ingredients – something that consumers could only dream of and see in their dreams.

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Create a brand which reflects the neoclassical bauhaus theme while carrying the sustainable beliefs of the founders. Creating the packaging of taking a stance on its trademark. With the core belief "the awake own the world", fritz-kola encourages people to wake up to making positive change in the world. A soft drink that tastes good and a brand that is a leader of change with an attitude. We created an Art package design which can stand out of the mass and be visible for those who want to change the world.


Vinille designed a colorful package identity for Fritz-Kola that helps it stand out in the category. The logomark is built of a linear pattern inspired by the name and organic ingredients, and can appear in a variety of colors for different flavors. The logo is accompanied by a san serif wordmark set in Bauhaus design pattern, which has the same geometric forms and stroke weights as the logo. The patterns are extended to custom typography, packaging graphics and promotional materials like posters, in-store displays and swag.


“The main goal of the new package design is to create an icon on the market that one hundred percent stands for fritz-kola and is immediately recognisable. In our communication, we now tried to use the Bauhaus design origins as it is a 100 years celebration.” - said Executive Marketing Officer of Fritz-Kola.

Vinille went one step further. The new package design speaks to fritz fans in more ways: art bauhaus interaction, geometrical shapes of urban plan and brand name with message for customers about ingredients with theme color. Everything can be experienced at the fingertips for a holistic brand experience. The can is used consistently for all fritz products.
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