Fantasy Park

Promotion of Christmas event in the social networks with audience segmentation


Reach TA and let them know about the event upcoming event for children at the “Fantasy Park” and “AbrakaDabra” (Christmas Tree Event).


Main social networking platforms in Latvia – Facebook and Instagram – media placement, distribution of e-mails and production of printed booklets were chosen to promote the event.

Develop motion-video and static advertising materials for multiple target groups, which will be used to attract people from different categories. Use custom audience tools based on key parameters and customer base.


5 teasers with similar style, but different messages, were produced for 5 selected groups: mothers with pre-school children, mothers with school aged children, children aged 14-18, parents / families, grandmothers. The advertisement started at the time when the target audience was the most active. Visually appealing e-mails were sent to the customer base. Flyers were prepared and printed. Campaign was successful due to a competent approach to advertising tools, group targeting and channel optimization.

95 000
Online reach

~ 50 000
Analysed comments and feedbacks

Online ticket shop visitors