Complex work with social networks


To acquaint the audience with the range of products of the company, show new products, special offers, etc. Attract new customers. Fill social networking pages with content, administering, moderating commentaries and creating and maintaining a friendly image of a local company that uses natural raw materials in its production. Creating aesthetically pleasing graphic material.


Develop a SMM strategy, fill social networking pages with relevant, attractive and entertaining content. Collect and analyse feedbacks. Develop visual materials, regularly conduct photo sessions of products both inside and outside the studio. Launch targeted advertisement campaigns to increase brand awareness and encourage customers to purchase products.


A new unique graphical, photo and entertaining content was created, a multi-channel advertising campaign on social networks was launched.

Total page reach during the campaign increased

The total number of interactions during the campaign increased

The growth rate of new “likes” on the pages increased

15 – 30
Publications on Facebook and Instagram (each monthly)

~ 300
Inbound message processing