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Coffee Guru

Identity and package design for a new brand of coffee from the Baltic States with a sense of world tastes.

Year: 2020

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    CG Latvia


Coffee Guru is a coffee brand straight from Latvia. A brand that wants to teach & educate people about the coffee industry, to become the guru of coffee on the Baltic market. The name Coffee Guru and the brand’s philosophy became the starting point for us to develop a visual identity. Coffee Guru is a project which goes beyond coffee, it is about emotions, knowledge, and the opportunity to have a trip in the coffee world. We tried to reflect all these ideas within the packaging design.

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Package Design
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Coffee Guru


To create a coffee packaging that makes you feel that each cup of coffee is not just a drink prepared by the coffee machine, but also with a feeling of traveling around the world with the best coffee beans.

Coffee Guru

CoffeeGuru needed a design that would both unify and distinguish the three lines, while giving the name of the brand primacy. Vinille team developed a packaging system that enhances the brand with a modern, minimalist approach using vivid hues inspired by the flavors and traditional elements from countries. The distinctive use of color helps customers quickly identify flavors and differentiate between the regular, medium and luxury lines from other coffee brands. And perhaps most importantly, the packaging looks delicious

Coffee Guru

“The new identity & package design deploys minimal graphic elements – the logo and a decisive color palette reflects the purity of the different product variations. We were amazed by the project result” - said Marketing Specialist of CoffeeGuru.

Coffee Guru
Coffee Guru
Coffee Guru
Coffee Guru
Coffee Guru
Coffee Guru
Coffee Guru
Quiet, confident and appealing, the packaging design refines the brand to its essence of fantastic ingredients and flavors. At the same time, the simplicity feels practical. The clean look graphically conveys the wholesomeness of the ingredients, and highlights them without pictorial representations like illustrations of countries, coffee and traditional elements. The background palette has been expanded to add other coffee beans - inspired colors to the mix. On the trucks and printed collateral like gift cards.
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