Bumerangs Cashback

Complex work with digital channels of cashback service


To attract traffic and new registrations to the online resource, present important information, offerings of the service and its benefits, and maintaining a good overall image and reputation.


Fill social network channels with a unique content, collect and analyse feedbacks. Work with audience-specific (targeted) advertising and opinion leaders. Develop eye-catching graphics and video materials.


Boomerang Cashback – one of the largest cashback services in the Baltic States. Cashback service must be unique, reliable and modern. This idea was successfully conveyed to the target audience within three months. Priority was given to publications with interesting, up-to-date and original content, and copywriting was developed through analysis and direct communication with users of the service.

The newly created content has quickly found its readers and received a feedback, which is vital for such business. In parallel, a large, targeted advertising campaign was launched to encourage users to sign up and start using the cashback service. Popular Latvian and Baltic opinion leaders were involved in the campaign.

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