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Visual identity, brand strategy and digital design for a Atrum consumer loan financial firm that represents the future of fast loan.

Year: 2017

  • Client

    JSC Lateko Līzings


JSC Lateko Līzings developed a new fast loan platform called Atrum to compete with new services as small term loans & credit lines. Atrum is associated with the Latvian adverb fast and combines all financial service quality standards. We knew that the financial sector already has the formal style and established many better-funded competitors, such as the biggest bank in the country. Our choice was to move towards the latest design tendencies, maximum creativity and well-performed strategy. We started to invent and create something new, something bright and colourful, contrary to the whole financial market. Please enjoy our report.

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The company recognized the important role of personal financial services in the lives of consumers. model helps consumers to receive financial products that deepen engagement and foster the sense of connection that is built into being part of a fandom.


The vinille team collaborated closely on the project with the co-founders, CEO and CMO, as well as their financial consultant. The company is the first Latvian based, mass consumer loan firm to come into existence in more than 25 years. It is also the first to enable partner brands of all sizes and scales to have their own credit cards. name reflects the advanced technologies that work to make managing and receiving moving money safer and easier. A distinctive color palette conveys the sense of passion at the heart of the brand. The brand color is an intense, colourful that is markedly different from the blues and greens typically associated with finance and banking. The colors are providing clients positive vibes and emotions.


“The logo illustrates the brand name and conveys the core brand message—that the future of fast loan is brand.” - said Partner of JSC Lateko Lizings.

The designers developed a clear system for pairing the Cardless identity with partner logos in lockups, as well as guidelines for the design of partner co-branded credit cards. The sleek, elegant simplicity of the identity carries through brand expressions such as credit cards, credit card mailers, promotional materials and the digital design of the Cardless app and website. These digital applications have a thoughtful, intuitive interface that allows users to easily track and view their account, rewards and transactions. Functions in the mobile app are bifurcated: users swipe right for their finances and left for their rewards. A system of custom icons based on the Cardless symbol was created for a cohesive experience of the brand.
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