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User interface & experience (UX/UI) design for finance loan company.

Year: 2017

  • Client

    JSC Lateko Līzings


JSC Lateko Līzings developed a new fast loan platform Atrum to compete for the market with new services as small term loans & credit lines. Atrum is associated with Latvian adverb fast and combines all financial service quality service standards. We knew that the financial sector already has the formal style and established many better-funded competitors, such as the biggest bank in the country. Our choice was – latest design tendencies, maximum creativity and well-performed strategy. We started to invent and create something new, something bright and colourful, contrary to the whole financial market and our task was to create unstandable web design.

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  • Brand Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Digital
  • Brand Activation



Vinille's main task was to develop a web page for, a new loan service provider in Latvia. They have been providing top financial solutions for Latvian market customers since the 90's. The company's new brand needed a website. The main task with a design presents company strengths and values, such as innovation, agility, commitment and more.

Following the chosen strategy, we created a bright, full of positive and simple brand. Minimalistic design emphasizes simplicity and the removal of superfluous elements in a design, stripping it down to its fundamental elements, colors, shapes and textures. The smooth shading adds a depth and complexity without destroying the flat design design feeling. This is a new feature added to the flat trend of the modern design era. Color takes center stage in many brands philosophy of design. Healthcare, business and financials will more often than not use blue. That is why we have chosen to use different colors. When solidifying the graphic design fundamentals behind the design and layout of an app or a webpage, simply questionioning “how things will look?” is not enough - you have to think about how they feel, how they interact. Johann Wolfgang Goethe studied the physiological effects of color, we tried our best to make a color to produce physical and emotional effects to a customer.

“The home page is a primary point of contact for all website visitors: clients, partners and more. We wanted it to make the perfect impression of an innovative, transparent and reliable business partner and customers, and enhance this impression by means of additional pages. And we made it together” - said Head of Development of
One of the things we like the most about projects like this is the opportunity to be involved into all production stages, delivering a turnkey project from scratch. This way we can be sure every single detail is polished and placed right where it belongs, and branding is playing along with the website, forming a comprehensive tool for business needs.
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