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Creating experience for B2B platforms

Turning deep organizational insight into human platforms that scale.

what is b2b platforms experience

High satisfaction does not equate to high loyalty. A customer could be highly satisfied with a company’s products and services, but that doesn’t mean they are also loyal. A competitor could lure them away with a more attractive customer value proposition. Conversely, a customer may not be satisfied with a company’s offering but could display loyalty simply due to the barriers of inertia or the difficulties in switching brands.

Junior Achievement
Junior Achievement

Integral to both satisfaction and loyalty is the customer experience. We have entered the age of the experience economy where customers expect more than ever before. Brands are at battle to outperform on experience such as making the customer journey easier and delivering faster. The more powerful brands connect more on an emotional level with their customers by invoking feelings such as pride and accomplishment, thus challenging the value paradigm in that customers are often seeking more than functional and rational benefits.

how we create b2b platforms experience

Create Digital Experiences. Leverage Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Messaging to create impactful digital experiences for your audience.

01 UX Research

UX designers perform user interviews and usability tests, creating personas and customer journey maps to understand the needs of end-users.

02 Wireframing / Prototyping

In the early stages, a clear wireframe and a dynamic clickable prototype are essential to test the functionality of UI and UX prior to developing the solution.

03 Web & App Design

Engaging a designer early on ensures reduced expenses on engineering, redesign, and maintenance during the whole project’s lifecycle.

04 Redesign (if you already have UI/UX design)

Staying in step with the times by maintaining comprehensive designs helps to increase customer loyalty and engagement with your product.

05 AR/VR Design

Tap into modern technologies, bringing your users to the next level of virtual experience by introducing VR, AR, and MR to the designs you already have.

06 UI/UX Consulting

Senior designers will extend your team or provide professional consultation for your web or mobile product at any stage of the development process.



We use our marketing expertise to create the most innovative B2B Platforms customer experience design.


Our UI/UX team understands complex business goals with clarity.


We provide the highest quality visual elements to give your brand a distinct customer experience.


We have created UI/UX for several award winning B2B companies.


We can guide you in creating an outstanding customer experience that includes everything from initial concept / prototype to final design.

Work highlights…

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement Latvia (JA Latvia) has been one of the 40 members of JA Europe and 118 Worldwide networks since 1991. The European Commission has recognized JA Latvia as the only positive initiative in Latvia that provides entrepreneurship education to young people in a long-term and methodical way. Every year, JA Latvia ensures the availability of practical business education programs approved in Europe and adapted to the needs of Latvia to approximately 120,000 students throughout Latvia at all levels of education. The association provides in-service training and further education programs for teachers in its member schools both in Latvia and abroad.

Junior Achievement


  • Our clients get their products B2B experience services unmatched by their competition.
  • We help businesses achieve their goals by designing innovative UI/UX.
  • Unique customer experience designs tailored to your identity and your business.
  • B2B professionals can focus on increasing revenue and maintaining clients instead of worrying about an identity crisis.
  • We provide our clients with quality graphics at competitive prices. Some of our biggest clients are startups that need professional branding to increase their profile and grow in their industry.


  • Our clients are able to leverage this competitive advantage to ensure they stay in front of their competition.
  • Our customer experience services increase exposure for your business in the B2B industry. We create winning UI/UX designs.
  • Our UI/UX designs make a difference.
  • We create B2B brands that are unique, memorable, and recognizable in the crowded B2B industry.
  • Your business will stand out from the crowd and appealing, and effective customer experience will attract new clients.

our approach

Insight Driven

We use the power of research and data to uncover insights that lead to transformational change.

User Centric

We create experiences that improve our collective human experience.

Systematically Tested

We validate our solutions by creating testable experiments that produce exceptional outcomes.

Financially Impactful

We deliver work that has immediate, substantial, and sustained impact on your bottom line.

Work highlights…

Hyundai Power Parts

Hyundai Power Parts

Hyundai Power Products is part of Hyundai Corporation. This branch of Hyundai, which is fast growing in Europe and Russia, supplies high-quality products for Construction, Industry, Garden and more. Hyundai Power Products products are currently sold in more than 90 countries worldwide. Characteristic of all these products is the excellent quality and service, the price / quality ratio is also something that is always given the highest attention within the group.

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Cedric Antonio

Partner and Business Advisor

Cedric is a Partner and Global Business Advisor. He has played an instrumental role in growing vinille over the past 2 years.

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