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Creating brands for Services & Technologies

Organizations thrive when people believe in their work. Our unique approach puts brand purpose at the heart of companies and services to create meaning and value where it matters most.

what is services & technologies branding

We have helped some of the world’s leading and most successful organizations transform themselves through branding. From new company creation to M&A and reframing for growth, our approach connects positioning to portfolio and experience to drive relevance and differentiation in complex, continually evolving markets. Articulating ‘why’ an organization is here has never been more important when it comes to shareholder, employee and customer value, which is why we put purpose at the heart of organizational brand thinking.

The US professional services industry alone includes around 900,000 entities and combined annual revenue of about $1.7 trillion. Professional services is clearly a huge market category. But what are “professional services”?

Qualita Centrale
YGG Idea

According to Bright Network, Professional Services involves ‘a range of different occupations that provide support to businesses in the form of advice or performing tertiary roles’. This covers a vast range of industries – from consulting to IT, accountancy to architecture.

In such a busy category, branding for professional services is paramount due to the need to stand out and demonstrate brand integrity. From global professional services firms to international communications specialists, here are the companies leading the way for brand-led strategies. Our approach to organizational branding makes use of proprietary co-creation techniques and employee engagement that put your people at the heart of the change.

how we create services & technologies companies power

Give Brand Heart

Align your business, brand, and story by identifying and articulating the core principles that make up your brand heart.

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  • Creative Briefing through what brands have the power to change the world with strong communities behind them. But to attract a strong community, you need to be transparent about who you are and what you believe — and communicate it consistently across every touchpoint. Knowing your heart is the secret to doing this effectively.

Give Brand Clarity & Meaning

Brand clarity starts with strategy. Discover core principles of the brand: vision, values, personality, tone of voice.

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  • customer experience
  • consumer insights & competitive analysis
  • audience segmentation & profiles
  • product & service vision
  • brand experiences
  • naming, messaging & brand voice
  • brand positioning & principles
  • brand innovation
  • design strategy
  • channel strategy

Give Brand Memory & Identity

Branding gives services&technologies the edge and creates an immediate visual and emotional connection.

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  • identity design
  • brand guidelines & playbooks
  • merchandise
  • corporate communications & presentations
  • motion & animation
  • iconography
  • brand activation design
  • digital design
  • asset creation
  • environmental design



We use our marketing expertise to create the most innovative Technology brand designs.


Our creative team understands complex business goals with clarity.


We provide the highest quality visual elements to give your brand a distinct identity.


We have created branding for several award-winning service & technology companies.


We can guide you in creating an outstanding brand that includes everything from initial concept to final design.

Work highlights…

ODIN Capital Group

Vinille has created the brand identity of ODIN Capital Group, the real estate services provider from Toronto, Canada. ODIN Capital Group is an agency specialising in property management & development in Toronto, Canada. Their board decided to hire us in order to review its market positioning, to provide clarity and create a refreshing image to its brand. The niche was a “corporate” audience and the goal was to create a new, practical, clear brand identity.

ODIN Capital Group


  • Our clients get their service & technology branding services unmatched by their competition.
  • We help businesses achieve their goals by designing innovative brands.
  • Unique designs tailored to your identity and your business.
  • Service professionals can focus on increasing revenue and maintaining clients instead of worrying about an identity crisis.
  • We provide our clients with quality graphics at competitive prices. Some of our biggest clients are startups that need professional branding to increase their profile and grow in their industry.


  • Our clients are able to leverage this competitive advantage to ensure they stay in front of their competition.
  • Our design services increase exposure for your business in the technology industry. We create winning brand designs.
  • Our brand designs make a difference.
  • We create brands that are unique, memorable, and recognizable in the crowded technology industry.
  • Your business will stand out from the crowd and appealing, and effective branding will attract new clients.

things we believe in

We believe in industry-changing products

We believe in purpose-driven teams

We believe in smart design choices

Building the best Brand for the User

We believe in technological teams that create future changing products to help people live prosperous life with the help of innovation and technology, applications and startups, organizations and corporations.

We believe it all starts with a good problem. We stand behind teams that aim to change industry by solving problems and creating purpose-driven products.

We believe that every design decision has to be smart, intentional, and add value to the overall brand equity. The more meaningful your brand is to your audience, the easier it is for your brand to do its job— inform and inspire to take action.

We believe that there is no universal product for everyone. Your product needs to be a perfect match between your business needs and goals and your users.

Work highlights…



TomWare LTD is a well-known region-based tracking system located in Baltic States. Their goal was to renovate and bring a fresh modern look to their homepage and product descriptions, as well as enter the retail market with their new brand “TrackPro”. Considering the fact that TomWare is closely connected with the latest technology and software development, our choice was a metro-style page with intuitive and customer-oriented content.

YGG Idea

YGG Idea

We were tasked with launching a classic scandinavian house production company. We knew that to compete with already established, and better funded competition, we needed something different. Supported by the latest digital technologies, creative ideas and with a well crafted strategy, we started branding this company from inception, which will be a brand new player on the market.

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Cedric Antonio

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Cedric is a Partner and Global Business Advisor. He has played an instrumental role in growing vinille over the past 2 years.

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