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Creating brands for Food & Beverage

More than ever, food and beverage is the centerpiece of hospitality.
From standalone brands to hotel hubs, these brands build connection and experience wherever they go.

what is food & beverage branding & packaging

We’ve spent over a decade honing a strategic branding and marketing approach that ignites, elevates, and celebrates peoples’ unique relationships with food and drink. Think about what’s on the line here. You and your business have spent ages leading up to this moment: the next chapter of brand growth, and now you’re faced with a decision. Go it alone by managing a scattered team of strategy and creative subcontractors, or partner up with an agency that’s been to the promised land before?

Today’s FMCG industry is a multi-billion dollar sector that’s typically dominated by well-established household brands around the globe, from Coca-Cola to Kraft to Henkel. Breaking into that market as a new brand can be a serious challenge, particularly when you’re up against global powerhouses that have ruled their respective niches for decades with deep pockets. Having said that though, smaller brands have more opportunities to make their impact with limited resources than they ever had before, which helps level the playing field a little!

Coffee Guru

The most successful brands are consistently creating an authentic customer experience around their consumable products, one that is worthwhile and personally engaging. These brands give their core target audience a more compelling reason to buy and create brand perceptions through their brands personality, promise, values, story and total brand world per se, which their customers find irresistible.

We’ve spent 10+ years fine tuning our approach to launching and scaling brands in the food and beverage industry, and our appetite for effective creative coupled with strategic marketing has proven itself several times over.

how we create food & beverage products power

Give Brand Heart

Align your business, brand, and story by identifying and articulating the core principles that make up your brand heart.

more details
  • Creative Briefing through what brands have the power to change the world with strong communities behind them. But to attract a strong community, you need to be transparent about who you are and what you believe — and communicate it consistently across every touchpoint. Knowing your heart is the secret to doing this effectively.

Give Brand Clarity & Meaning

Brand clarity starts with strategy. Discover core principles of the brand: vision, values, personality, tone of voice.

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  • customer experience
  • package design analysis of the brand’s top competitors
  • audience segmentation & profiles
  • category analysis – merchandising and retail environment
  • brand experiences
  • naming, messaging & brand voice
  • brand with packaging positioning & principles
  • brand & packaging innovation
  • packaging design strategy
  • channel strategy

Give Brand Memory & Identity

Branding gives the edge and creates an immediate visual and emotional connection.

more details
  • identity design
  • brand guidelines & playbooks
  • merchandise
  • corporate communications & presentations
  • motion & animation
  • iconography
  • brand activation design
  • digital design
  • asset creation
  • environmental design

Give Brand Package Design System

A system and set of principles that will help to create present and future packaging.

more details
  • cross category / trend research
  • complete diagnostic evaluation of the brand’s current package design system
  • overall assessment of the brand’s package design system
  • creative strategy for its package design system refresh
  • omni-channel asset prototyping
  • innovation: concept design
  • brand activation design
  • touchpoint design
  • packaging design



We use our marketing expertise to create the most innovative Food & Beverage brand designs.


Our creative team understands complex business goals with clarity.


Our eye-catching designs and our ability to capture the essence of a client’s brand.


We have created branding for several award-winning food & beverage companies.


We design packaging that is universally appealing.

Work highlights…

cha jun – kombucha

“cha jun” embraces today’s kombucha movement with a rebellious streak. Our packaging design, brand identity and strategic positioning for this confident new challenger aim to capture the imagination and reflect the picture of a place where the sun rises up. The creative approach needed to break through the generic and prescriptive look and voice of the turmeric kombucha and elevate “cha jun” as a premium and progressive drinking experience – an innovative golden turmeric kombucha drink brand with the added benefits of magnesium and probiotics.

cha jun


  • We listen to your demands; we design innovative solutions that can be transformed into amazing products.
  • We help businesses achieve their goals by designing innovative brands.
  • Each design is a jump off the shelf opportunities.
  • Creates the brand image you want for your product.
  • We provide our clients with quality graphics at competitive prices. Some of our biggest clients are startups that need professional branding to increase their profile and grow in their industry.


  • Highest visibility for your brands.
  • You have a dedicated team of designers who are committed to help you execute ideas.
  • Our brand designs make a difference.
  • A simple, honest packaging design will help the brand to be differentiated and stand out from its competitors.
  • Ready to read, unique and creative packaging design.

things we believe in

We believe in industry-changing products

We believe in food & beverage challengers teams that create future changing products to help people live prosperous life with good coffee beans, tasty snacks, high quality frozen meat and fish, amazing drinks and cocktails.

We believe in purpose-driven teams

We believe it all starts with a good problem. We stand behind teams that aim to change industry by solving problems and creating purpose-driven products.

We believe in smart design choices

We believe that every design decision has to be smart, intentional, and add value to the overall brand equity. The more meaningful your brand is to your audience, the easier it is for your brand to do its job— inform and inspire to take action.

Building the best Brand for the User

We believe that there is no universal product for everyone. Your product needs to be a perfect match between your business needs and goals and your users.

Work highlights…



Fritz-Kola company was founded in 2003, when two friends began their own production of soft drinks with an idea that it should not be harmful and stuffed with chemicals. The history and idea of production that have inspired us to define the Fritz-Kola packaging concept is the surrealism and neoclassicism style. We went beyond reality and tried to reflect what the product carries inside – an “unreal” taste with harmless ingredients – something that consumers could only dream of and see in their dreams.

Becker's Bester

Becker’s Bester

Becker’s Bester has relied on high quality and natural ingredients of their juices. This company has provided wider ranges coupled with well-known German efficiency of processing. So we thought that great quality needs a support by an eye-catching design. Vinille design team thought about a package that might catch your attention and differ from all other bottles. We’ve created a simple shape to match the bottle.

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