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Creating brands for Fintech

We help fintech teams launch future changing brands or refresh old ones.

what is fintech branding

The anatomy of a winning fin-tech brand. Ensure success of your project with our solid banking and financial services branding.

New financial technologies are taking over the market. They have a loyal following and vocal brand advocates, but what makes them different from other financial institutions and other fin-tech products? Whether branding financial services, legal companies or consumer brands, cultivating strong brand identity has a long list of benefits – building trust, creating financial value, securing employee buy-in and of course maintaining and growing your client base.

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However, as the formidable Steve Jobs once said, “design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” The best brands go beyond a great logo design to implementing design elements that have an impact and purpose in the real world; executing these changes with innovative, consistent and strategic implementation.

In our fintech branding services, we take a look at both established and disruptor companies that are shining examples of this brand-led approach and how branding plays out in different industries. First up – branding financial services.

how we create fintech products power

Give Brand Heart

Align your business, brand, and story by identifying and articulating the core principles that make up your brand heart.

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  • Creative Briefing through what brands have the power to change the world with strong communities behind them. But to attract a strong community, you need to be transparent about who you are and what you believe — and communicate it consistently across every touchpoint. Knowing your heart is the secret to doing this effectively.

Give Brand Clarity & Meaning

Brand clarity starts with strategy. Discover core principles of the brand: vision, values, personality, tone of voice.

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  • customer experience
  • consumer insights & competitive analysis
  • audience segmentation & profiles
  • product & service vision
  • brand experiences
  • naming, messaging & brand voice
  • brand positioning & principles
  • brand innovation
  • design strategy
  • channel strategy

Give Brand Memory & Identity

Branding gives fin-tech the edge and creates an immediate visual and emotional connection.

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  • identity design
  • brand guidelines & playbooks
  • merchandise
  • corporate communications & presentations
  • motion & animation
  • iconography
  • brand activation design
  • digital design
  • asset creation
  • environmental design



We use our marketing expertise to create the most innovative Fintech brand designs.


Our creative team understands complex business goals with clarity.


We provide the highest quality visual elements to give your brand a distinct identity.


We have created branding for several award winning fintech companies.


We can guide you in creating an outstanding brand that includes everything from initial concept to final design.

Work highlights…


Brand platform “Payment in one click & Everyday life with style” reflects the company’s vision: to become the guide for consumers going through digital transformation in financial industry.

Moneeq wants to change the way the online payments are made. They want to make this process more flexible and simpler. The main idea is to save time for important thing like family, friends, hobbies and adventures.



  • Our clients get their fintech branding services unmatched by their competition.
  • We help businesses achieve their goals by designing innovative brands.
  • Unique designs tailored to your identity and your business.
  • Fintech professionals can focus on increasing revenue and maintaining clients instead of worrying about an identity crisis.
  • We provide our clients with quality graphics at competitive prices. Some of our biggest clients are startups that need professional branding to increase their profile and grow in their industry.


  • Our clients are able to leverage this competitive advantage to ensure they stay in front of their competition.
  • Our design services increase exposure for your business in the fintech industry. We create winning brand designs.
  • Our brand designs make a difference.
  • We create fintech brands that are unique, memorable, and recognizable in the crowded financial industry.
  • Your business will stand out from the crowd and appealing, and effective branding will attract new clients.

things we believe in

We believe in industry-changing products

We believe in purpose-driven teams

We believe in smart design choices

Building the best Brand for the User

We believe in fin-tech teams that create future changing products to help people live prosperous life with the help of innovation and technology, wealth management, equal opportunities, & finance education.

We believe it all starts with a good problem. We stand behind teams that aim to change industry by solving problems and creating purpose-driven products.

We believe that every design decision has to be smart, intentional, and add value to the overall brand equity. The more meaningful your brand is to your audience, the easier it is for your brand to do its job— inform and inspire to take action.

We believe that there is no universal product for everyone. Your product needs to be a perfect match between your business needs and goals and your users.

Work highlights…



UniversePay is an international company offering a complete set of financial solutions and consultations for private individuals and businesses. This company prides on perpetual excellence of their services and adheres to the highest standards of international banking and legal practice. We have had to identify not only the scope of the company, but it’s tastes and preferences as well.



Founded in 2014, Elcoin is a fintech company that has launched in the United Kingdom online banking space. The company‘s innovative technology goal is to create new financial freedom for customers. Vinille has developed the brand identity, messaging, tone of voice, website and brand animation for ELCOIN, as well as the name for its product platform.

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