Wood Willen – wooden house production​​​​​​​

International company which specialises on wood house production and wood material. Wood Willen is a company that manufactures and installs high-quality timber frame houses, according to the holding company’s highest standards and developed technologies, whose plant has been operating in Baltic States for many years. In Baltic States these types of houses have been built for centuries and have proven their durability and efficiency throughout the years. Timber frame houses are resistant against different climate conditions, as the main product of the manufacturing is wood, which is ecological and creates a pleasant micro-climate in your room. Use of the modern technology in the production process provides good insulation and increases fire safety. Production quality is confirmed by all the necessary, internationally recognized quality certificates.
We developed logotype which is based on first association with companies orientation and working sphere. We uses two axes tree symbol.


AgencyVinille Büro
Client: JSC Wood Willen