KENGURU.PRO – street workout equipment​​​

Kenguru Pro company produces street outdoor, indoor and para (equipment for disabled people) workout equipment in European Union from 2011. This equipment is also commonly known as street workout / calisthenics equipment. Kenguru Pro as a street workout and calisthenics equipment manufacturer is focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. Kenguru Pro equipment is for everybody. Building street workout park in public space is a great investment in the health of citizens. Street Workout park can be built in parks, housing areas, schools, universities, and any other public area. Outdoor workout park in private house backyard is also a great investment in health of your family.
We have designed a special design for a sport (street workout) magazine for company named Kunguru Pro.This magazine elegantly combines the stylized images of a street art and sport.


AgencyVinille Büro
Client: KENGURU.PRO Europe LTD