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UPON looking at vinille

Global design agency powered by passion of creativity and strategy. Let’s create a wise world. We make it happen.

Our primary goal is to build a better design in the future daily lives of people — in ways that succeed, right now. At Vinille agency, we are passionate about compelling strategies and we seek creativity in every challenge we encounter.

To develop a valuable brand: you have to live it before you try to create it, you need to understand its core and feel its energy. Only then, you can make it happen. Our wise tools and network resources enhances our research process of every brand selection, creating new compelling stories.

We are good at strategy, design, innovation and experience, who work together across our global network to tackle the power of brand for growth. Our team combines designers, strategists, researchers and technologists. We’re here to help you probe and establish what’s next by combining local Baltic knowledge with global strategy, expertise in design, insight with creativity and connect every aspect of a brand experience.

Being an integrated design agency, we carry people at the integration of our work. It’s a main assumption of design thinking, and as our approach evolves in response to unique, complex objections. Our team always tries to design solutions that match people first and learn through vision, logic thinking and performance.

We are 20+ designers, strategists, entrepreneurs, managers, data researchers, and other specialists.

We have offices in Europe (Tallinn, Riga, Etoy), as well as project spaces around the world.

Vinille’s managing directors today are distributed globally across our offices, so we no longer have a headquarters in the traditional sense.

We are part of VCC.Network

VCC.Network (Vinille Creative Company Network) the integrated marketing agency. Established in the year 2020. On a mission for fueling results of our client’s businesses by sophisticated design. All under one roof, VCC Network is now composed of 4 agencies namely: Vinille, Chaptre, Typogramma, Hunt Media.

more: www.vcc.network

Fast Facts

Vinille’s roots date back to 2010 in Riga, Latvia.
In 2012, the agency migrated to the new office in the broadcast TV center of Latvia and changed the name to Vinille Agency.
We started calling ourselves vinille in 2020.
We are located in Tallinn, Estonia as a HQ.
We are first runners with bauhaus style in Scandinavia & Baltic States.
We’re part of the VCC.Network.

Vinille’s capabilities & skills help to better understand our business partners markets and specify digital strategies, but also—special for our industry we actually bring to market and operationalize products at scale.

  • art direction
  • content production
  • copywriting
  • creative direction
  • frontend design
  • graphic design
  • graphic production
  • photography
  • project management
  • retouch
  • scouting
  • sound design
  • strategy
  • ui/ux

In addition to design and consulting services, we offer digital performance marketing services and web & mobile development:

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