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With a portfolio of work that starts from FMCG to fintech, and a different type of clients from all over the world, we operate as a dynamic network of professionals, capable of designing integrated visual identities, brand experiences and digital solutions, perfectly attuned to our client’s needs.


Food and Beverage

Financial services



Consumer goods

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Real Estate



Our capabilities help to better understand our business partners markets and specify digital strategies, but also—special for our industry we actually bring to market and operationalize products at scale. Till nowadays, we have already delivered to our clients more than 250 successful design projects.

Our integrated approach brings together to deliver on all the amplitude of an experience in an integrated way.


business strategy and venture design


service and customer experience design


product and industrial design


brand and graphic design


environment and space design


customer research & insights

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in business since

While we’re proud of our history and our accomplishments, we’re loyal to our future and not our past.


We traded a management layer for an unprecedented number of design and brand strategy experts across our 3 offices.


We’re a world-class team of diverse individuals who are here to do great work as well as be great to work with.


As part of VCC.Network, we have 3 offices and 20+ people across the world dedicated to delivering the best design, strategy, and packaging services to our clients.



We see insights as the foundation to help brands, industries and organisations hone their game and future proof their businesses. Our view is both broad and deep. We examine contexts, trends, and cultural phenomena, and pair them with an in-depth knowledge of what drives and frustrates people. We examine the why’s, what’s, how’s, when’s and where’s, to help you define where your business is heading and how to get there.


How do you balance short-term growth with long-term ambitions? How do you turn innovation initiatives into a growth tool for your organisation? Grow is a strategic and creative partner in future proofing businesses. Using insight and foresight as fuel for creativity, the brand as a guiding star, and design as a way of communicating, we partner up with brave brands who want to change and evolve for the better.


We believe company culture to be fundamental in order to deliver on your business strategy, drive innovation and attract the talent of tomorrow. By designing creative leadership, talent and employee engagement programs – we inspire and unite employees behind the business direction and brand purpose; building pride and empowering them to deliver on the brand promise.


How do you tell the story of your brand in an engaging way that can be felt on every platform? How do you give your brand a consistent voice in a diverse organisation? With a clear starting point in brand strategy, we create long term concepts that make the brand come to life internally, externally and platform independently. We believe communication is the answer to everything, as well as the shortest way to unite an organisation and reach visions.


  • art direction
  • content production
  • copywriting
  • creative direction
  • frontend design
  • graphic design
  • graphic production
  • photography
  • project management
  • retouch
  • scouting
  • sound design
  • strategy
  • ui/ux


Consumer Goods

Audimas, Bang & Olufsen, Black Star Wear, Bumerangs Cashback, Chopard, Forpus, HYUNDAI Power Parts, KAFO, Mobius Luxury, MontBlanc, Oribe, Oriflame, Paulsaar, Pirelli, PRO Cosmetics, Royal Enfield, Samsung, Security Technology, The Toys, Ultra Ever Dry, Zuskind

Professional services

Beeline, Bar Department, CarGuru, Equiis, FBO Riga, Flaim App, K3 Mall of Imanta, Knockout Barbeshop, Kolo Līzings, LaManga, Link.Agency, LL Buve, Lumberjack Barbershop, Noble Barberxshop, Strogonov Salons, TrackPro, Wood Religion Barbershop

Fintech, Cabbagino, DixiPay, Elcoin, FerratumBank, First Swiss Card, HERCUS Karte, Kredits365, Kredits7, KreditsPlus, Latcredit, Lateko Lizings, O!credit, PayFlexy, SMP Bank, UniversePay

Tourism and Hospitality

Accor Hotels, ATTA Centre, Baltic Beach Hotel & Spa, Cosmopolite Hotel Kiev, Daina Jurmala Beach Hotel & SPA, Golden Palace Hotel & Casino Batumi, Gutenbergs Hotel, Jurmala Golf Club & Hotel, Mārcienas Muiža, Mercure Hotel Riga, Mouzenidis Travel, Platinum Travel

Food and Beverage

Al Mari Anni, bercker’s bester, Dimdini, Fritz-Kola, Latvijas Vista, Lielzeltini, Marienbāde, Putnu fabrika Ķekava, Rezeknis Bryuvers, Skriveri Saldumi, Venden


AstorDent, Grekomed, Kinesio Taping, Little Doctor, LOR klinika, SPA Debess, Vinikomed


BarBar Lounge, Easy Beer, Easy Wine, FERMA Restaurant Kiev, Gutenbergs Terase Restaurant, Illuzion, Miltiņkrogs, Naples Restaurant, O’Learys, Onegin Restaurant, Orizonte Restaurant, T.G.I. Fridays, Tao Lounge, Terrassa33, The Grace, The Traveller, The Trinity Bar, Vigvam Lounge, Wine Kitchen

Media and Entertainment

777 Casino, AbrakaDabra, Comedy Club Jurmala Festival, Empire Casino, Empire Sport, Euro Live Technologies, FantasyPark, Fedor Fomin, First Dacha & Mir, HoneyKids, Interesanti, Johnyboy, Lost Quest Room, New Wave Jurmala, OK!,, Rīgas Viļņi


BendIT, BlueFilters, Forest Group, GroGlass, KenguruPro, LED Master, Vintage Candella, Wood Willen, YGG Idea


Latvijas Nafta, Premium7


Albatroz FC, Riga FC, Spartaks Jūrmala FC, Sportima Fitnesa Klubs, Tought Fight, World Pull-Up Day


Changer Business Club, Junior Achievement Latvia, Sochi. Olympic Tourism, WSWCF

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