Delivering Breakthrough Value for Disruptive Brands
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Delivering Breakthrough Value for Disruptive Brands

Stunning brands, packaging and customer experience are not made by accident.

We use proven agile methodology to create a unique brand story that empowers your company advantage.

Vinille demands a combination of big research, strategic thinking, design excellence, and project management skills. It’s a combination of an extraordinary amount of patience, an obsession with getting it right, and a constant capability to synthesize vast amounts of information. It is no irony that the amount of strategy deployed is inseparable from our services, as our services are the process of building energized brands.
While every client is different, the process remains the same. However, each project varies within each phase, the length of time and resources allocated, the depth of research, and the size of the team.

process 2
process 3

Our process has distinct phases which integrate the strategy into the process, making it indecipherable from our services. Each state has logical beginnings and endpoints, which help us facilitate decision making at the appropriate intervals for our clients.
We don’t cut corners. We don’t skip stages to save money. We don’t jump ahead, no matter how established, new, or rushed a project may feel, design without research and strategy without context yield no worthwhile results strong enough to leverage any brand on.
Eliminating steps or reorganizing the process might present an appealing way to cut costs and time, but doing so can pose substantial risks and impede long-term benefits. The process, when done right, can produce remarkable results.

why it’s important


Our process is utilized by Fortune 500 Companies every day. To dominate your market, you should use it too.


We utilize proprietary brand science to evaluate your brand, bringing leading economic, design, psychological, behavioral, and cognitive sciences plus USPTO / trademark data to the table. All this ensures you have the leading edge to make the best decisions possible.


You know that a proven system is being utilized for maximum results.


Data is great, but without interpretation, there is no meaning. We take a comprehensive look at your brands full picture to ensure you’re evaluating and measuring every component.

Or rather, it should be. If your agency isn’t following this, it’s time to switch.
You can imagine what the creative process is like with a professional branding agency. Then write us.

our process

branding & packaging design process


Brand Discovery & Research

This is where it all starts. We dive into a Discovery Process to evaluate your brand from the ground up. Effective research is the core of this process, so it’s imperative we ask the right questions and look in the right places.

  • Clarify Vision, Strategies, Goals, and Values
  • Research Stakeholders’ Needs and Perceptions
  • Conduct Marketing, Competitive, Technology, Legal, and Language Audits
  • Interview Key Management
  • Evaluate Existing Brands and Brand Architecture
  • Present Audit Readout


Clarify Brand Strategy

Effective brand strategy provides a central unifying idea around which all behavior, actions, and communications are aligned. It works across products and services, and is effective over time. The best brand strategies are so differentiated and powerful that they deflect the competition. They are easy to talk about, whether you are the CEO or an employee.

  • Synthesize Our Research Together
  • Clarify Your Brand Strategy
  • Develop a Positioning Platform
  • Co-create Your Brand Attributes
  • Create the Brand Brief and Brand Values
  • Identify and Create a naming strategy
  • Develop Your Key Brand Messages
  • Finalize a the Full Creative Brief
  • Achieve Agreement with Your Team


Design Brand Identity

  • Brainstorm Your Big Idea
  • Design Brand Identity
  • Explore Applications
  • Finalize Brand Architecture
  • Present and Discuss Visual Strategy
  • Achieve Agreement


Create Brand Experience Touchpoints

  • Finalize Identity Design
  • Develop Look and Feel
  • Initiate Trademark Protection
  • Prioritize and Design Applications
  • Design Brand Guidelines or Design System
  • Apply Brand Architecture


Create Brand Alignment

  • Build synergy around the new brand
  • Develop launch strategy and plan
  • Launch internally first
  • Launch externally
  • Develop standards and guidelines
  • Nurture brand champions
  • Build Brand Management & Training session


Assess and Revise

  • Build metrics for success
  • Create processes to analyze over time
  • Deploy internal training
  • Facilitate learning
  • Launch Product
  • Analyze and Review
  • Prioritize Actions
  • Implement Change that matters


Make the story with  vinille's  supervisors

The brand building process never stops. Your brand should be visible and reflected in everything that your customer can see, read, and hear. Our design support and brand supervisors allows your brand to evaluate, foster, and manage the brand over time.

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Diana leads all client engagements at the most senior level, in addition to running the sales operations of the agency.

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