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Tallinn, Estonia
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About vinille

Global design agency powered by passion of creativity and strategy. Let’s create a wise world. We make it happen.

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Our Story

Our story starts from designing the first brand adaptation for Mercure Hotel to developing new eco cans for beverages. It was the long route to become the agency, which can create changes through design. Some highlights from our history.


Our roots date back to 2010, when Andrey Davidovich and Deniss Svechnikovs established a production firm and own blog platform. In 2012, the agency migrated to the new office in the broadcast TV center of Latvia and changed the name to Vinille Agency.


In 2014, Wisher Enterprise asked Vinille Agency to develop a brand adoption of Mercure Hotel on a local Latvian market. It was the long journey and there we understand the value of working with global brands.


When Vinille Agency co-founder Andrey Davidovich with partner Deniss Svechinkovs developed the first branding for the city / government – Riga with a lot of mentions in media and TV. This new practice came to be known as design thinking oriented agency.


In June 2020, not only we spoke, wrote, talked, and taught in our offices as previous time, but also we started to build and consult virtually around the globe on how leaders can think, act, and innovate more like amid the COVID disruption and cultural shifts.

Our primary goal is to build a better design in the future daily lives of people — in ways that succeed, right now.

At Vinille agency, we are passionate about compelling strategies and we seek creativity in every challenge we encounter.

To develop a valuable brand: you have to live it before you try to create it, you need to understand its core and feel its energy. Only then, you can make it happen.

Our wise tools and network resources enhances our research process of every brand selection, creating new compelling stories.

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We believe…


We generate ideas and are trendsetters. We use our skills of analysis and research to expose chances.


We are idealists. We appreciate truth and design concepts that create closeness, profit and advancement.


We are flexible in our way of working and value a variety of opinions, concepts, skills and outlooks.


We are inspired, take enterprise and risks in order to create improved results.


We work with whoever’s best places to settle disputes, from the most senior executives to the most specialised ingenious associates.


We use creativity to achieve extraordinary and deep assets that drive sustained expansion – business and personal.

How we work

Being an integrated design agency, we carry people at the integration of our work. It’s a main assumption of design thinking, and as our approach evolves in response to unique, complex objections. Our team always tries to design solutions that match people first and learn through vision, logic thinking and performance.


Three things we don’t do…

Unethical work

We are motivated by creating a better future for our world – to enhance peoples’ lives not compromise them. This means we won’t work with anyone that isn’t truthful about their brand, is wilfully harming life, enforcing hardship or damaging the environment.

Free pitches

We say no to all free creative pitches. It’s simply not good business for anyone. We believe that the most effective work is built on the foundation of close collaboration, strong partnership and deep understanding. Not contrived competitions which fail to recognise the true value of our work.

Free exclusivity

Being experts at what we do attracts a community of like-minded clients who sometimes have competing interests. We offer our clients world class, original and effective brand building solutions. We ensure absolute confidentiality on every project. But we can’t offer exclusivity without a reciprocal commitment from our clients.

Explore our clients

Beyond brands and products, industries and sectors, continents and peoples,
we are in strong partnership with our clients to build brands that will be disruptive.

Our company structure powered by VCC.Network

Our network comprises 4 distinct agencies where passion and creativity is at the top of everything we do.

  • vinille.com
  • chaptre.io
  • typogramma.com
  • hunt.media

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